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What’s custom photography?
Imagine if your sister or best friend was a photographer. She would take hours, if necessary, to record in print the things that aren’t possible in a high volume studio. It would be no problem to wait for a newborn to drift off to sleep, a shy toddler to come out of his shell, or a high school senior to change into a bag full of different outfits.
After the portraits were taken, she would work for days to perfect them and turn them into works of art, sparing no details.
Portraits can show not only the subjects, but would include their favorite surroundings as well. She would recommend special portrait sizes to fit into your home’s decor, which would someday become family heirlooms.
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How far in advance should I book my appointment?
Session times usually book several weeks to several months in advance, although I always do my best to squeeze in time sensitive sessions like families of deploying soldiers. Since I take a very small number of clients, slots fill quickly!
Newborns will be scheduled for a flexible time slot around their due date, and are best scheduled when the mother is still pregnant. Even though these time slots are flexible, I’m still only able to take a limited number for each month, so it’s important to try to book early. Newborns are best photographed in the first seven days of life.
***Please note that I am currently on maternity leave. Contact me by e-mail me to be added to my wait list for sessions in April 2009 and later.***
May I book a wedding or senior session?
I take a maximum of six weddings per year, and am currently booking for weddings in May 2009 and later. 2009 seniors may contact me at this time to reserve a spot in my my senior rep program, but 2008 seniors are able to book spring or graduation announcement sessions only.
Do you give lessons?
My schedule doesn’t allow me to give lessons at this time.
What should we wear?
Newborns and young infants usually look best in the simplest of clothing- often none at all. Special hats, boots, or blankets can be used as well. One parent should plan to either go shirtless or wear black in some shots where the baby is being held.
Classic clothing like denim, khakis, and solid colors work best for child and family portraits. Don’t be afraid of using bright or unexpected colors, but try to coordinate a family’s outfits within a color palette, but each member should look a bit different.
High school seniors should plan several outfits, making sure that some show your own unique style.
In general, just ask for more help with clothing! I’m always happy to give advice toward what will photograph best.